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Professional Teeth Whitening at Miami Smile

What is Teeth Whitening?

Miami Smile is an established and professional teeth whitening clinic in London, Berkshire, Bournemouth, Southampton and in Gibraltar. We use the most-advanced products and tools that produce the best teeth whitening results, using the safest methods at the most competitive prices. This will leave teeth between 4-10 shades brighter

We will make every one of our customers’ time with us an enjoyable one which will leave you with such an attractive whiter smile. Here at Miami Smile we are professionally fully trained in the procedure and all of our products are fully insured and approved by the FDA in America.

Laser teeth whitening s a complicated procedure as there are a range of types of gel which can be used all of which produce different results and different side effects. The main ingredient used in Laser or LED Blue Teeth Whitening is called Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide gives the best results by far and has been tested in the USA to ensure complete safety of the customer.

Due to the Legal Laws in the UK and Europe now we can only use Sodium Perborate as its passed by trading standards and is 100% legal. There are Chlorine Dioxide – peroxide free gels which have been in the news recently to say that they can greatly damage the enamel of the teeth and cause black stains on the teeth so please avoid this type of treatment.

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