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Home Whitening Kit

Take-Home Whitening Kits serve two purposes. They are excellent for at-home teeth whitening, but they can also be used as a follow-up treatment after an in-office teeth whitening session. Almost 70% of teeth whitening treatments offered by dentists in the US are done exclusively with take-home kits. Relatively few actually offer the light-activated treatment in-office. Miami Smile supplies teeth whitening kits to customers around the world, and they love them because they provide really incredible results and are so easy to use in the privacy of their own home.

It is so easy to use. First you mould the trays to your teeth (you only do this once). Then you apply a small amount of gel in the tray and you wear it for 30-60 minutes. You just use the kit once a day for 7-14 days. You will see noticeable results after only a few days, and spectacular results after one week or 10 days. This is the least expensive way in the world to get professional results at home.

EU Compliant Deluxe Home Whitening Kit

This is the same as our regular Take-Home Whitening Kit, but includes a mini blue LED accelerator light.  This means you can reduce the whitening time by up to 50% when used with this kit.

Forever White Whitening Pen – EU Compliant

Forever White Teeth Whitening Pens are a fantastic whitening product imported from the US; . The Whitening Pens contain the strongest gel available for home use which and doesn’t require refrigeration. Just twist these pens a few times and apply the gel directly to your teeth, after 30 minutes, rinse off and see the noticeable difference in your teeth colour. Great results in under 1 week using our fantastic addition to our whitening range.

Large 10ml Syringes Of EU Compliant Whitening Gel

Miami Smile gels are specially formulated to give you maximum whitening power with no gum irritation. We have extra gel syringes that can be used on their own or with a kit to increase its effectiveness. Our gel syringes are 10ml and more than 3 times the amount you receive at your local dental office at a fraction of the cost while keeping the dental grade quality you expect from Miami Smile.


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